A Seven and a Half Foot Taco?

Ok, so not a really big Taco Bell treat, but still impressive. Tacko “Taco” Fall is a high school junior that measures in at 7 feet, 5 inches tall! Holy shnikes that’s big! It really isn’t fair he is still playing high school ball. This kid can just run to the hoop and grab the ball over everyones heads and jam that shit. Most surprising to me is that he can actually move. From his huge feet all the way up to his rec specs, this guy has moves! Well, “moves” for a guy that is 89 inches tall, that is. Still though, if this kid can stay healthy who can possibly stop him? Not one person, that’s who. I just hope there isn’t any intentional injury/head hunting shit in his future. That sounds horrible, but lets face it worse shit has gone down in high school and college sports.


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