The Golden Age of Late Night TV Hosts is Upon us – Colbert Pinned as Favorite to Replace Letterman

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With Colbert tagged as the favorite to take over for David Letterman, we are truly entering into a golden age of late night TV. First, Jay Leno gives his chair over to, the always funny, Jimmy Fallon. Next, SNL writer and weekend update host, Seth Meyers, takes Jimmy’s slot, and now? Stephen Colbert is slated as the favorite to the heir of the Letterman thrown. (Not to mention Conan on TBS)

Here’s the deets (details for all you unhip folk): Leterman announced his retirement for next year and Colbert’s contract with comedy central is through the end of 2014. That’s what we call in the biz (business) a BINGO.

Nothings in stone, but I like this hypothetical move. I like it a lot.


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