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“Go See Fridays” – Ant-Man, South Paw, The Stanford Prison Experiment

I’m starting a new thing on The Average Nobodies, “Go See Fridays”. Seeing that I go to see a shit load (technical unit of measurement) of movies, I figured our fans could benefit from a list of suggestions for the weekend. However, take this list with a pinch of pepper, because everyone has different and you should see movies for yourself before making judgment on a review, or rating (fuck you, Rotten Tomatoes).


You like superhero movies set in the Marvel universe? See this movie. I was pleasANTly surprised.

South Paw

An emotional rollercoaster ride. Jake Gyllenhaal kills it. See it!

The Stanford Prison Experiment

This movie will be tough to see because it’s on limited release right now, but if you can go see it, go see it. It looks like a hell of a mindfuck…not to mention it’s a true story.

Happy viewing!


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