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If I Told You a Man Got Arrested For Vandalizing a Burger King at 3am, Where Would You Guess He’s From?

FloridaA man was arrested this weekend after he allegedly vandalized a Burger King and then he posed for his mugshot with a very dirty face.

Police say Jamie Henson, 36, was intoxicated when he placed at order at an Orlando Burger King on International Drive at 3:20 a.m. on Saturday morning but he was arrested before he even got to eat his meal.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Henson pushed the door of the Burger King so hard that it fell off of its hinges.


I have one question and one question only: did Jamie Henson show up to Burger King looking like this or did he fall in a pit of mud during the 100 foot police chase? That’s all I want to know. Given Florida’s history, I’m going to assume he showed up to Burger King looking like this. Also, I think it’s time we remove the intoxicated part of these news stories. You don’t go to Burger King at 3 in the morning if you’re not intoxicated. End of story. Booze and fast food are just such a marvelous combination, that it’s pretty obvious anyone who’s at a fast food place after 1am is intoxicated. Honestly, worst part about this whole story is that he didn’t get to eat his meal. Tragic stuff.

– Ryan

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