The Undertaker Returned At #WWEBattleground To Take Out Brock Lesnar

Overall, WWE Battleground was a very good show with some great wrestling. Besides that, the mother f’ing Undertaker returned to tombstone Brock Lesnar twice and pretty much confirm that they’re going to have a match at Summerslam. It was an awesome moment, and the only downside is that Brock Lesnar isn’t the champ. The good thing is that Lesnar has signed a multi-year deal, so he’ll be back in the title picture eventually. For now, The Undertaker wants revenge for the only blemish on his otherwise perfect resume: the WM 30 loss to Lesnar. If this was anyone else, I’d find it hard to believe that Taker can be a legitimate opponent for Lesnar after he literally almost murdered him at WM30. But this is The Undertaker, and Lesnar is a skilled enough performer to make us believe whatever it is the WWE wants to make us believe. Just look at his facial expressions last night. They were magic. I can’t wait for Raw.

– Ryan

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