Random Thought: Who is the Ultimate Horror Movie Villain?

Year after year we see different villains being introduced in horror movies, killing off people one by one like their carving them up for Thanksgiving dinner. What would happen if these villains squared off against one another? Granted we have seen Freddie vs. Jason as a movie, but what about the other iconic horror movie villains? I think it’s time we see what would happen if the most evil villains actually squared off..

Match up #1: Michael Myers vs. Leather Face.


Texas Chainsaw 3D

Advantages: Butchers Knife vs. Chainsaw

I have to say, I’ve always been a huge Michael Myers fan. Guy could kill you quicker then you could say “boo”. But I think Leather Face could give him a run for his money. A chainsaw is no joke, and leather face enjoys swinging that machinery around like a whirling dervish. Both villains have the ability to catch up to their running victims with no trouble at all. Pretty even match up, but Myers is smarter and more resourceful. After 10 long rounds I think your winner here is….

Winner: Michael Myers

Match up #2: Pennywise The Clown vs. Freddie Krueger


Advantages: Claw Gloves vs. Sharp Teeth

I don’t know about anyone else, but these two guys scared the crap out of me when I was a young lad. To be honest, they still scare me, but I don’t hide under my bed anymore. Anyway, Mr. Dream Land Krueger himself is a bonafide horror Hall of Famer. He enjoys tormenting children when they are sleeping and killing them one by one with those real sharp blades. Pennywise is very similar to Freddy. He loves to go after the youngsters in their nightmares; Pennywise is demented in every single way. Did I mention Pennywise is a sick Clown? Somehow makes things 100x worse. Unfortunately, Pennywise only starred in one movie, killing a total of 11 people. Krueger got about nine movies killing a total of 42 people. I think if you locked both these guys in a room and had them duke it out, those blades would vastly over power some sharp teeth and a balloon. So I think your clear winner here is….

Winner: Freddy Krueger

Main Event Fatal Four Way: Jason Voorhees vs. Pinhead vs. The Reaper vs. Jig Saw

Jason Voorhees 4fa6cb14cdc388ed13f2489d





Advantages: Machete vs. Eating Victims vs. Hooked Chains vs. Traps

Whoa. I really don’t know where to start with these guys. All of these guys have the potential to take the title. Let’s start with Jason. Guy is an absolute animal. He has taken down over 300 victims in his lifetime. Try hiding from him in your bedroom,  and he’ll be barreling through that door like a steaming bull. And what’s not to like about a machete? He can chop down some bushes, cut a few watermelons and carve up a turkey all in a days work. Now let’s move on to The Reaper. The Reapers main advantage: he can fly!. He’s got some slick moves to get out of danger and if you’re not looking, he may engulf you in his wings and feast on you handsomely. Mr. Pinhead is someone you don’t want to forget about. He’s nicknamed the “Master of Torture” and I think that name alone should get your blood boiling. What’s unique about this fellow is his appearance: multiple pins protruding from his head. These can act as protection from his opponents and also a deadly weapon. If you try taking a swing at him you bet your sweet ass you’re losing that hand. You don’t want to forget about his hooked chains, either. They’ll rip you apart like no tomorrow. Your final villain for the night is the great mastermind Jig Saw. By far the smartest villain in the game right now. He really knows how to give someone the worst possible scenario of dying. His traps are so intricately made that you really have no shot at living. So if we saw this match being played out, I think it would come down to Jason vs. Jig Saw in a battle to the death . You’re winner and grand champ is…

Winner: Jason Voorhees

– Derek

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