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Gasps Are Where It’s At: Season 12 Of It’s Always Sunny Will Feature A Musical Episode

DAYMANTurns out, Charlie Day and the gang are looking to recreate the episode’s magic with yet another It’s Always Sunny musical episode.

Speaking to Red Carpet Roxy (via Uproxx), Day said of the next season: “It’s a funny year. You can expect to see some of the UFC, you can expect to see an entire musical episode, guest starring from Scott Bakula, you can expect to see us at a water park, you can expect a very funny season.”

When you think of long running TV shows, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is almost an anomaly. Most shows that go beyond five or six season tend to drag along, with diehard fans defending the later seasons against fans who just want to see the show put out of it’s misery. It’s Always Sunny, on the other hand, has only gotten better with age, and last season was one of it’s strongest efforts during their 11 year run. According to a recent Charlie Day, interview, season 12 could possibly be even better. In probably the most random sentence of all time, Day explains that season 12 will feature ” the UFC, a musical episode, an episode guest starring Scott Bakula and an episode at a water park”. That sentence is going to make season 12 insane and can’t miss, but the part most people are focusing on is the musical episode. One of the best Sunny episodes of all time was a musical episode, season 4’s ‘Nightman Cometh’. That episode was co-written by Day, Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney, so giving those three another crack at a musical is something I’m very interested in. The gang has been good so through 11 seasons, and I can’t wait for what it shaping up to be an amazing season 12.



Trailer Alerts – Movie Trailer Roundup

Collateral Beauty

Will Smith is going to make me cry…Again.

The Girl With All The Gifts

Resident Evil meets 28 Days Later meets a bunch of kids.

Blood Father

Mel Gibson is BACK. I needed him. I missed him so.

Doctor Strange (Trailer 2)

Besides Civil War this is my most anticipated super hero movie comign out this year.

Go see a movie.


Following Margot Robbie, Lin-Manuel Miranda Will Host The Second Episode Of SNL



If we’re judging season 42 of SNL solely on the selection of the first two hosts, then it already gets an A+. A lot of times SNL will trot out old faithful’s at the beginning of the season to make sure it gets off to a good start, but not this year. After it was announced that Margot Robbie will make her SNL hosting debut in the season premiere, we now know that following her will be first time host and Broadway savant Lin-Manuel Miranda. Although both hosts have no prior SNL experience, its’ safe to say that its not hampering people’s excitement. Plus, if there’s anything better than SNL getting really into Broadway sketches, then I’d like to know what it is. SNL premieres this Saturday night.


Margot Robbie Will Host The 42nd Season Premiere of SNL

It’s been a long, hot summer, but the cooler weather is here, football is dominating Sunday again and SNL is finally back in our lives. The season premiere of season 42 is next Saturday October 1st, and now we know who will be the host. If you’re not a fan of Margot Robbie, I’m not sure what to tell you. She was great in Wolf of Wall Street and she was great in Suicide Squad, and although she played two completely different roles, she had the beauty and the talent to pull it off. From the SNL side of things, they’ll be entering season 42 without two of its key veteran performers, as both Jay Pharoah and Taran Killam won’t be returning this year. On the bright side, they have the craziest election in history and an abundance of material to cover, so this season should be a hoot.


Trailer Alert – Passengers

After months of waiting, the trailer for Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence’s movie Passengershas finally arrived.

The film follows Preston and Aurora, two passengers on a spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet. Each were awoken decades before they were supposed to arrive at their destination, and are left to deal with the ship as it begins to malfunction. (Via The Verge)

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence…I shouldn’t have to say anything else about this film to get you to see it, but let me try…OUTERSPACE. Did that do it?

This movie feels like a way more adult version of rocket man. Just swap a chimp stealing a sleep pod for a “technical” malfunction and swap tubes of gross food for a robot bartender that seems like he was pulled directly from “The Shining”. I’m so excited to see this movie. In fact, i’ll be jumping into my own sleep pod in preparation (my freezer). Wake me when it’s in theaters.


Trailer Alert – Live By Night

GOD DAMMIT, Ben Affleck. You smooth S.O.B.. I will watch anything that Benny has his name attached to. Literally anything, but this? This is EXACTLY the type of movie I get excited for. Gangster movies are what I dream about at night, what I live for and probably the 2nd most well-represented genre in my movie collection (behind Sci-fi). I also like period pieces, so….make a gangster movie old-timey, have Ben Affleck write and direct it and I will probably be responsible for half its total box office. It’s a winning formula.


Jam Alert – My Favorite Part (Mac Miller feat. Ariana Grande)

Trailer Alert/Movie Recommendation: Blood Father

Have you ever watched ‘Taken’ and wished that Liam Neeson would be replaced by an aging, recovering alcoholic and who moonlights as a tattoo artist out of his trailer? Have you also wished that the character would be played by Mel Gibson? Well if you have, then Blood Father is literally the movie for you. All jokes aside, Blood Father stars Mel Gibson as everything I’ve mentioned above, including being a neglectful father who is thrust back into his daughter’s life after she gets in with the wrong crowd and needs help. While the daughter (played by Jessica Jones’ Erin Moriarty) drives the plot, Gibson is the one who steals every scene. He has a mini monologue at the beginning of the movie that is clearly a reference to his real life troubles, and how he’s squandered away what could of been one of the greatest careers in Hollywood history. Once upon a time, Gibson was the guy you went to when you wanted a layup at the box office, but his personal demons got the best of him and almost exiled him out of show business for good. I’m glad he’s back here in some capacity though, because he’s a hell of an actor, and nobody does action/war movies better than Mel Gibson. While Blood Father might not get a lot of recognition, Gibson’s next effort, which he co-wrote and directed, received a 10 minute standing ovation at it’s world premiere in Venice on Sunday night. Hacksaw Ridge, which tells the real life story of US army medic Desmond Doss and his heroic feat during the battle of Okinawa in World War II, will be released on November 4th. For now though, check out Blood Father, and try to not to cheer too hard for a full fledged Mel Gibson comeback.


The Next #NXTTakeOver Will Take Place The Night Before Survivor Series in Toronto, Canada

Fresh off his shocking return and betrayal of Seth Rollins on Raw, Triple H jumped on Twitter to announce that the next NXT TakeOver will take place the night before Survivor Series, November 19th, in Toronto, Canada. NXT is sticking with the international theme for their end of the year TakeOver’s, as last year’s emanated from London and now this one will take place north of the border. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as people are still buzzing from TakeOver: Brooklyn, and I have to imagine the show in Toronto will sell out shockingly fast. Now that we have a set date, the next two months of NXT programming should be building towards that big Saturday night.