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Louis C.K. Will Premiere TWO Stand Up Specials Exclusively On Netflix This Year

COMEDYLouis C.K.’s next two comedy specials will debut exclusively on Netflix, Variety has learned.

The first of the specials, titled “2017” and filmed in Washington, D.C., will premiere April 4 globally on Netflix.

C.K. is no stranger to the streaming world; he released his 2011 special “Live from the Beacon Theater” exclusively on his own website for $5, and several of his other specials have been available on Netflix for years — “2017” will merely be the first to debut as a Netflix original. His latest series, “Horace and Pete,” was distributed solely through; after its first run on his site, Hulu picked up the syndicated streaming rights.


Any fans of Louis CK (this should be everyone) are going to be extra excited heading into this weekend, as Netflix announced that the comedian will premiere two specials on the streaming service this year, start with 2017 on April 4th. CK is a master of all trades nowadays, but my two favorite things about him are his stand up specials and his SNL monologues. While we haven’t seen him on SNL in almost two years, two new standup specials will definitely hold us over. CK will have a lot of material to work with considering the world we live in, and I can’t wait to see his brilliant/deranged opinions back in action.



Octavia Spencer & Scarlett Johansson Will Be The Next Two Hosts Of #SNL



This will be Octavia Spencer’s first time hosting the show while Ms. Johansson will be the latest inductee into the ‘Five Timers Club’. Spencer is vying for 2nd Oscar win this Sunday as she was nominated for her role in Hidden Figures, so win or lose, this is perfect timing for her to join in on the Trump jokes. Scarlett will presumably be there to promote her new movie Ghost in the Shell (which premiers March 31st) but I think I speak for everyone when I say she could be there promoting my grandfather’s funeral and I’d still be happy to see her. Joining both of the talented actresses on the 8H stage are Father John Misty and Lorde, respectively.


This Q&A about the Nintendo Switch will answer all the question you have

This video was originally recorded live on GameXplain on Youtube.

Good stuff right here. Lots of in-depth looks and information about the Switch. If you can’t wait a week to find out this stuff for yourself, like me, then this video is perfect for you.


Tom Brady Created A Suspect Board For His Missing Jersey & God Damnit Now I Like Him

Full disclosure: I’m not a Patriots fan, but after these last few months, it’s getting harder and harder not to like Tom Brady. Not only does he lead the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, but he breaks the passing yards record for a single Super Bowl and wins me a nice sum of money. On top of that, he gave football fans what will probably go down as one of, if not THE greatest Super Bowl in NFL history (unless you live in the Atlanta area). Off the field he owns social media, and the main reason are posts like this. For those that don’t know, Brady’s game worn jersey went missing the night of the Super Bowl and has yet to be found. While it’s currently valued at over $500,000, it’ll probably never be found, because it’s impossible to sell it publicly without getting arrested. That’s not stopping Tom from building a suspect board and trying out a little bit of vigilante justice. The suspects include Julian Edelman, Lady Gaga, Pyat Pree from Game of Thrones, Norm Snively from Air Bud, O’Doyle from Billy Madison, Gollum, Tom Brady’s own handsome dog and my personal favorite, Prison Michael Scott. If this suspect board doesn’t find the thief, then I’m afraid all hope is lost.


Alien: Covenant has a prologue short film

I’m going to try an keep calm throughout this recap of what we just watched, but forgive me if I go off a bit off the rails. I’ve been so excited for this movie, I can barely contain myself.

Ok, so what does this little prologue short film tell us about Alien: Covenant? For one, James Franco is the captain of this mission. It will be interesting to see what kind of captain he is.

Michael Fassbender is back as an android, and in this short we see him playing Walter. A totally new andriod. (he will also be reprising his role as David).

Danny McBride, as always, steals the show. He waits until Captain Branson (Franco) hits the sleep chamber before throwing on a cowboy hat and leading the crew in pre-sleep festivities.

We now know that the Covenant ship is on a “large-scale colonization” mission, which means a few things. One, this storyline is independent of Prometheus; although I obviously suspect a crossover of characters with Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender’s casted into this movie. And two, this adds a new aspect to the Alien franchise…significant others. It looks as though the crew on this mission are largely husbands and wives tasked with colonizing a new planet. This will surely invoke all types of interesting survival instincts when the shit inventively hits the fan.

Speaking of, how about the choking bit in this short?! I was half-expecting a tiny xenomorph to launch itself from her chest, but then Walter comes over and defuses the tension. If this is just a glimpse of things to come, then I think it’s safe to say Ridley Scott has another terrifyingly suspenseful thriller on his hands.

Lastly, I think we have found our protagonist. Katherine Waterston (you might recognize her from Fantastic Beasts) is playing a character named ‘Daniels’ in Covenant. So, what does this short tell us about her character? For one, she’s the take charge type. She swoops in and gives a chilling speech about the coming mission. And she does it without being called upon, she volunteers to give a few words. So she’s obviously the leader-type, even though she might not be in the role of a leader (where have we seen that before?). But, the most telling thing about her character is that she is alone. Yeah she’s with the crew, but look how she is placed among them. Centered, with space on either side of her while the rest of the crew is cuddled up with their significant others. Does she have an S/O on this mission? Doesn’t look like it. All I know is when shit starts going south it’s every man and woman for themselves.


Ep. 23 – ALIENS

Opening (00:00 – 01:10), Oscar predictions (01:10 – 24:20), New planets (24:20 – 32:00), The future of AN (32:00 – 39:45), What are we watching (39:45 – 49:00), Closing (50:18)

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Aces! Season 3 Of Fargo Premieres April 19th on FX

Since it’s conversion to a TV show in 2014, season’s one and two or Fargo have been as high caliber as you can get. Starting with Lester Nygaard and Lorne Malvo in season one and continuing with the Solverson’s and Mike Milligan in season two, the lifeblood of Fargo are the characters they create and the stories those characters tell. While there’s plenty of action, the direction and dialogue given to the cast is far and away my favorite part of the show. April 19th can’t come soon enough.



The Rock Left CM Punk A Voicemail After #RAW Went Off The Air Last Night

Rumors started swirling prior to last night’s Raw once it was known that The Rock was at the Staples Center filming a new WWE Studios movie. Would The Great One show up on Raw? Would he Rock Bottom Handsome Rusev? Would he leave CM Punk a voicemail after the show was over? If you somehow picked the third question, then you’d be right. While it would’ve been cool to see The Rock on Raw, I’m glad he at least surprised the live crowd. Nobody commands a wrestling crowd like The Rock, even if it’s just him leaving ex wrestlers voicemail’s. While I’m usually not a fan of crowds randomly chanting CM Punk’s name during a show, this happened after Raw ended, and was a really cool moment. CM Punk agrees:


Ep 3 – Should Mel Gibson direct a Suicide Squad sequel?

Opening (00:00 – 00:56), Trailers of the week (00:56 –  11:40), Fastest 30 seconds (11:40 – 12:50), Ben Affleck out as Batman (12:50 – 27:40), Rufio prequel? (27:40 – 31:15), What are we watching (31:15 – 49:23), Wrap up (49:23 – 54:02)

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