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In Case you Missed it: We Became Best Friends With Bryan Cranston Over the Weekend


Obviously we hang out all the time now.

Walter White’s Facebook “Look Back” Video is Perfect

Definitely more exciting than mine.


These ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters Drawn As ‘Simpson’ Cartoons are Spot On!

I just can’t let Breaking Bad go, but how am I supposed to move on with all this content out there!

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These are just my favorites. The rest can be found here > BuzzFeed

Credit to BuzzFeed for the pics

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Kiss The Cook: Walter Goes Home

Last night’s episode titled “Felina” marked the end of one of the greatest TV series I have ever watched,  Breaking Bad. It was a long journey for the characters and I, but I like the place they left me. Like any great show it had ups, downs, twists, turns, murders, meth cooking, and a fast talking lawyer. Chemistry is the study of change, and in chemistry change is represented by the greek letter “Delta” which is transcribed as  a triangle. While this may be true, the story of Mr. White, and more specifically, Heisenberg, is more like a circle.


Back to New Mexico is the path that Walt has laid out ahead of him as the finale starts. Acquiring transportation where none is available? Piece of cake for the great Heisenberg. He jumps into an old Volvo, quickly reaches for a screw driver and gets to work on the ignition when a police cruiser rolls up. “Just get me home”, he mutters to himself. After the police car passes he realizes the keys were in the car whole time.  Some people might have saw this as god answering his prayers (what god would answer this monsters prayers?), but not for me. For me, the once impeccable thinker had been outsmarted by a sun visor. The man who once orchestrated an entire train robbery and the man who had never left anything to chance [No more half measures], was begging to make it home. But, what exactly is home to Walter White?


Saving you from telling a story that would do no justice to Vince Gilligan’s writing, I will give you the spark notes and move straight to my point. After securing what was left of the Heisenberg empire with the Schwartz’s he moved on to say his goodbyes. First to Skylar, then to baby Holly, and even giving Hank his proper respects in the form of a lottery ticket. Flynn has already said his “goodbye” over the phone an episode earlier. Just as Walter is about to leave Skylar’s new home the first honest thing he has said to her in years drifted form his mouth. “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it, and I was alive”. This final admission was all the closure that he could hope for at this point.

Walter continued his journey because he wasn’t home yet. He needed to first take the cathedral that was the Heisenberg empire and crash it down on itself. Killing Uncle Jack and his crew and sharing a brief “moment” with a truly defeated Jesse was all he needed before he could be truly at peace with his life’s work. Walter wasn’t home until he was lying on the cold concrete of a meth lab, but he knew that. He knew his time would expire where he felt most “alive”.

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 10.24.05 PM.JPG


Mind Blown – Breaking Bad







Breaking Bad Returns For It’s Final Run August 11th

This isn’t exactly breaking news, as rabid fans of the show have known for months that Breaking Bad is returning for it’s final 8 episodes on August 11th. What is semi breaking news, however, is the new series recap mashup that premiered at Comic Con over the weekend. 4 and a half seasons of raw, emotional stories condensed into a 3 minute trailer that will blow your head off. I have loved many a TV show, but very few have had the brutal storylines and brilliant characters that make up the Breaking Bad brand. Something should be said about a TV show that dares to bow out at the top of it’s game (if you don’t think BB is one of the best shows on TV, then you’re wrong. End of discussion). Walter White is simultaneously at the top of his game and yet he’s never been so vulnerable. I don’t know how it’s going to end, but I do know, along with millions of others, that I’ll be watching on August 11th, and for the seven weeks after that. Heisenberg wins again.

– Ryan

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