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“A Million Ways To Die IN The West” Red Band Trailer

I didn’t think seeing Seth MacFarlane act in front of the camera would actually happen, and now that it has i’m shocked it didn’t happen sooner. From the trailer it actually looks like he could be pretty funny as a leading MAN, not teddy bear (Ala “Ted”). An all-star cast, a funny writer, and a interesting storyline could make for Seth’s second straight hit behind “Ted”. I’m praying for a Wahlberg cameo too.



Movie of the Decade

Washington, Wahlberg, AND Paxton!? Movie of the decade! Calling it now.  I mean, how could it not be?! Bill Paxton might rival Lucifer for the greatest heel of all time in this one.  Guys got it all.


P.S. Ryan, how excited is your dad for another Denzel movie? Its been a while.

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