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Dogs & Snow Continue To Be The Best Combination In The World

Dogs are the best. That’s a scientific fact that can’t be disputed. The only thing better than a dog by itself is a dog in snow. Don’t believe me? Check out exhibit A: a dog pulling a sled up a hill so he slide back down for hours.

Dogs & Snow

This might be the happiest video of all time. There is unbridled joy and then there is this dog, having the time of his life sledding down a hill. I’ve had a dog since I was young, and if you’ve never experienced a snowstorm with a dog, you’re missing out. Shoveling sucks, but it’s counteracted 1 million times by the happiness of a dog jumping around in the snow. This video already has over 680,000 views, and I make up a very large majority. Have a great weekend everybody.

Here’s a bonus video of my dog running in the snow yesterday



This Softball Player’s Backwards Home Run Swing Is Pretty God Damn Impressive

I play softball on Sunday mornings, and I’ve ran across my fair share of really good players. Softball isn’t difficult, but being good at it isn’t that easy either. Most of the time you’re playing against a team with four outfielders, which greatly diminishes your chance for a base hit. Some guys are good, some are bad, and then you have a guy like this, who hits a home run swinging backwards. That it was fast pitch makes it more impressive, but being able to do this while any ball is being pitched to you is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen. I’m also only batting backwards from here on out.


10+ Million Views For “What Does The Fox Say”?!

So this video is probably the hottest thing on the internet right now. “What Does The Fox Say”? It says fuck you, this shit is stupid. I hope all the Fox in the area rise up and kill all the people that had a hand in this video. I love stupid videos as much as the next YouTuber; David After Dentist, A Sheep Sings Taylor Swift, you name it, but this video won’t fly with me.

Someone who has the technology to freeze people, come by my house after work. I’ll be ready for the big chill. Just promise you will defrost me when the Bucs make the playoffs.


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