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I Just Signed Up For a Mini Triathlon – Time To Get Training



I’m not sure what I just got myself into. I just registered for a .5 mile swim, 10 mile bike, and 4 mile run, triathlon. To start off let me tell you that I am in no kind of shape to even WATCH a event like this. Last weekend when I was walking about NYC I needed to take a half hour break so I didn’t die.  I hope to change that over the course of the next few months and by august dominate* this event! I have experience biking and swimming so those pieces of the event will require the least amount of training for me. However, the running, even a meek 4 miles, is going to be a beast.

Here is how I see my run training going

Wish me some luck.


Stay tuned for a before weigh-in/fit test.  That should be interesting.

*Finish without collapsing.

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