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Rick Ross Kidnaped Our Pizza Hut Delivery Driver

Rick Ross is on a roll, and that roll has a hotdog crust.

Will Rick Ross switch to apples? and will we try the new Pizza Hut #HotDogPizza?

-The Average Nobodies

The ‘Big Bad Booty Daddy’ Scott Steiner Might Have Threatened To Kill Hulk Hogan Over WrestleMania Weekend

Steiner LinerTMZ spoke to Scott Steiner about the allegations that he threatened Hogan through his wife Jennifer at an airport during WrestleMania 31 Week. As noted yesterday, a police report was filed and this led to Hulk requesting that Steiner be banned from the WWE Hall of Fame.

Steiner says he did approach Jennifer in the airport but only to talk “some serious smack” about Hogan inducting Randy Savage. Steiner says there were police nearby at the airport t, “so if she felt her life was threatened, why didn’t she talk to the cops?” Steiner, who says he has not been contacted by police told TMZ:

“I’m not going to dignify [Hogan’s] lies. I didn’t put my hands on her.”

“I told her Hulk introducing ‘Macho Man’ into the Hall of Fame is bullsh*t … He hated him. Everyone knew that.”

“It’s not my fault Hulk Hogan is afraid of me.”

This is a tough one. On the one hand, Hulk Hogan is almost always full of shit. He will get his name out there at any cost, whether that’s with the WWE or just in general. He’s pissed off pretty much everyone during his 40+ years in wrestling so it’s not really that weird to see someone say he’s an asshole. On the other hand, Scott Steiner is insane. Not wrestling insane, either. He’s a legitimate crazy person. That video I linked above is from an independent wrestling show he did a few months ago where he just hits a fan then gets in the ring and tells everyone to go fuck themselves. If there was one person in the world I wouldn’t want threatening to kill me, it’d probably be Scott Steiner. I do understand where Steiner is coming from, though. All you’d ever hear is much Savage hated Hogan, both during their in ring career and after it, and now that Macho isn’t here to choose his inductor, it seemed weird to have Hogan do it. Best of luck, Hulk. Maybe you should lay low for awhile until Big Poppa Pump find someone else he wants to murder.

– Ryan

This Video Of Justin Bieber Falling Off A Skateboard Is The Highlight Of My Day/Year/Life

I love this video so much. From the beginning when Bieber and his posse gets out of their car and shut down the steps to whatever this building is, all the way to Bieber falling down the stairs. This is just amazing, and by far the greatest thing TMZ has contributed to our society. Is Bieber wearing some kind of dress here? I think he is. Some kind of weird, muscle shirt dress. Also, how terrible is Bieber at skateboarding? I’m not saying I’m Tony Hawk, but he’s skateboarding over two small steps. If you’re going to make a big spectacle out of rolling around on a piece of wood, at least be good at it. Actually, don’t be good at it. It’s much funnier this way.

– Ryan


In Really Weird News, Former Wrestler Rikishi Has Challenged Kim Kardashian To Some Kind of Ass Competition

I’m not sure how Rikishi transitioned from talking about Mayweather/Pacquiao to an ass contest between him and Kim Kardashian, but add me to the list of people quietly saying to themselves “please God no”. I’ve seen Rikishi’s ass more than I care to mention, and I guess same goes for Kim Kardashian. I’m not mad I’ve seen Kim K’s ass, it’s a nice enough ass, but anything that draws more attention to a Kardashian seems unnecessary in my book. On the flip side, look for Rikishi in the crowd when Mayweather and Pacquiao finally fight on Mars in 2056!

– Ryan

Darren Young is the First Openly Gay WWE Superstar

With Darren Young recently coming out of the closet, WWE and the WWE Universe are behind him.

Congrats man, that takes guts.


PS- Tune into Summer Slam this Sunday on PPV!

The “Gossip Center” Covering Taylor Swift News Like Morons


Taking some time off of their touring duties, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran rented some paddle boards and hit the high seas at Narragansett Bay in Westerly, Massachusetts on Sunday afternoon (July 28). -Gossip Center

Ok, Gossip Center, if you are going to report about one of our own local celebrities here in Rhode Island please remove your head from your collective asses.  Number one, Narragansett Bay is basically the entire Rhode Island, and some of Massachusetts, watershed. So saying you’re “AT” Narragansett Bay is a pretty vague statement.  Number two, Westerly is a RHODE ISLAND town that boarders Connecticut, and is nowhere near Massachusetts.


PS- I don’t know who Ed Sheeran is, but he would be the poster child of “People Who Look Awkward At The Beach” Magazine.

swift-072813- (3)

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