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People That are 1,000x More Talented Than Me #432 : Helicopter Pilots

Check out this firefighter just owning that cockpit. Swooping into some guys backyard, stealing his pool water, and dumping that shit all over a nearby forest fire. Every woman in the area, with their eyes on the sky, just had their ovaries blown to smithereens. Operating heavy machinery has to be the biggest turn-on for a woman… HAS TO.


PS- If you call a helicopter a helo, and you’re not in the military, stop.

J.J. Watt AKA The Scariest Human On The Planet


If you told me, something that was 288 pounds could jump 59.5 inches into the air I would say “turn off Aliens vs Predators“.  J.J. Watt is 100 percent superhuman and is going to tear up QB’s this year.  I’m just glad he isn’t playing the Bucs.


PS- Whoever that “watch out” was for, I would HATE to be you. You can’t even hide, J.J. will find you.

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