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I Need Cesaro’s New ‘King of Swing’ T-shirt So Bad It Hurts

If this is WWE’s way of making up for his siren entrance theme then I accept. I might just order seven of these so I can wear it every day without compromising my overall hygiene. The King of Swing is here to stay.

– Ryan

Reason #575214 Why Tom Hanks is the Greatest Human Who Ever Lived



Do I really need to justify the title of this post or do you just get it? I just get it. The legend of Tom Hanks grows exponentially larger everyday he walks this Earth. A man equal in his fame cannot match his humbleness. Humble pie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m not sure what would happen if Tommy Hanks and William Murray started hanging out, probably would form a black hole. A black hole filled with the awesomeness of 1 billion suns.


Antonio Cesaro’s 100 Rotation Giant Swing Will Blow Your Mind

Cesaro is my favorite wrestler on the WWE roster right now, and it has a lot to do with moves like this. Get this man a main event feud asap.

– Ryan

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