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Terrance Knighton Has the Best Nickname on the Planet, Maybe the Universe

Primetime, Beast Mode, Megatron, Hollywood Joe, and Sweetness. All good nicknames given to some of the greats over the years, but those alter egos don’t even hold a candle to Terrence Knighton’s nickname.

While watching Sunday football I heard Phil Simms call the Broncos D-Tacke, after an interception, “Pot Roast”. I nearly fell out of my chair with jealousy. Like could this guy have hit the jackpot any harder? What an awesome nickname, and honestly one that fits Terrence perfectly.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos

After doing some research (first time ever) I found out that he was dubbed the nickname by teammates in Jacksonville after ordering Pot Roast on an airplane. Power order, Terrence.

If I was Terrence I would have the Broncos start selling #94 jerseys with “Pot Roast” on the back. Hell, I would buy 2!

Home and away.


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