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Jonny Gomes & Shane Victorino Were Predictably Awesome on Conan

I can’t get enough of this team. Classy, funny, entertaining. Now they’re on the post world series media tour so we should get some quality sound bites. I also need a pair of those boots Gomes wears more than I need air to breathe.

– Ryan

Did the Red Sox Win The World Series Last Night? And Were The Average Nobodies There To Witness History?








Yes they did. Yes we were.

What a season. From 69-93 to 108-70, and champions of the baseball world. I wrote last week about the power of sports to heal people, and cities, in a time of need. The 2013 Boston Red Sox went beyond that. They put their hands on our collective shoulders and assured us, just like in that famous Bob Marley song that accompanies every Victorino plate appearance, that everything was going to be alright. No stat chatter needed today. Simply stated, I’ve never had more fun watching a team, and I’ll never forget the feeling of pure joy I felt when Koji fittingly got that final strikeout. I’ve never high fived so many strangers, and it’s never felt so right. Now, there’s only one thing left do. Freddie, take it away..

– The Average Nobodies

Danielle Fishel (Topanga) Has a Strong Instagram Game

I love Boy Meets World. It’s one of the greatest TV shows of all-time and it played an integral part of my now full blown obsession with television shows. Whether Mr. Feeny was giving sage advice, or Eric was goofing off, Boy Meets World always had a perfect blend of real life issues and side splitting comedy. Now that celebrities have thrown their hats into the Twitter and Instagram races, we get to see our favorite childhood stars interacting without the camera’s around. If your a Boy Meets World fan, I’d suggest following Danielle Fishel, especially if you want to see gems like these…




– Ryan

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