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Andy Serkis Reading Donald Trump’s Tweets As Gollum Is Magical

Reading and following Donald Trump’s Twitter account prior to November 8th was a roller coaster, but now that he’s the leader of the free world, it’s frightening. He rarely makes sense, which is not something you’d prefer to be the main talking point of a world leader. Andy Serkis joined Stephen Colbert last night and brought a bit of levity to the whole ‘Donald Trump is probably going to end us all’ storyline by reading some of Trump’s tweets as Gollum. Skip ahead to the 4:00 minute to listen. Also, I’ll take Andy Serkis as Gollum as Trump’s new Press Secretary immediately.


The ‘Colbert Report’ Ended It’s Magical Run Last Night With A Song & Basically Every Guest It’s Ever Had

Stephen Colbert, like Jon Stewart before him, changed the way we viewed the news. Before guys like Stewart and Colbert, the news was portrayed in two ways: the gloomy, depressing approach that local and national nightly shows took or the jokey, light hearted approach that late night talk show hosts used. Stewart and Colbert were able to combine these two approaches into a thirty minute TV show that never, ever disappointed. It was an intellectual discussion on politics and world events mixed with the best writing staffs on television. What other show could feature the host having a discussion with Smaug on one show and then the next night have Henry Kissinger sitting in the same chair talking politics? Colbert the person will be heading to take over for David Letterman on CBS, but Colbert the character will always be remembered for making the news fun while still staying smart and informative. He influenced a generation of people for the better, and that’s not something that no one will ever be able to deny. Last night his run ended, as Randy Newman, Jon Stewart, and what seemed like every guest Colbert has ever had on his show showed up to send him off in style. While Colbert the character will be missed, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us on Late Night. Farwell, Stephen Colbert. We’ll meet again some sunny day (in September).

– Ryan

P.S. The only other song I would’ve accepted here? Short people:

Stephen Colbert Interviews Smaug

The more I watch Stephen Colbert do his thing more more I feel like he is the right choice as the heir to the Letterman empire. He’s funny, good in front of a camera, and one of the true masters of an interview. Sure he can be a bit too silly sometimes, but like his mentor Jon Stewart, he knows when to get serious. Interviewing Smaug is one of those…more serious times.

If you missed it, or live under a large stone, here is Stephen on The Late Show talking about his future.

The Golden Age of Late Night TV Hosts is Upon us – Colbert Pinned as Favorite to Replace Letterman

stephen colbert emmys reuters

With Colbert tagged as the favorite to take over for David Letterman, we are truly entering into a golden age of late night TV. First, Jay Leno gives his chair over to, the always funny, Jimmy Fallon. Next, SNL writer and weekend update host, Seth Meyers, takes Jimmy’s slot, and now? Stephen Colbert is slated as the favorite to the heir of the Letterman thrown. (Not to mention Conan on TBS)

Here’s the deets (details for all you unhip folk): Leterman announced his retirement for next year and Colbert’s contract with comedy central is through the end of 2014. That’s what we call in the biz (business) a BINGO.

Nothings in stone, but I like this hypothetical move. I like it a lot.