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Shia LaBeouf’s New Years Resolution Was Apparently To Be Insane

Source – As if his numerous apologies weren’t enough, Shia LaBeouf has now written his message in the sky.

The 27-year-old actor hired a skywriting company to spell out in block letters ‘I AM SORRY DANIEL CLOWES’ in the skies above Los Angeles.

It follows a month of increasingly wordy apologies, following the Transformer’s star’s admitted plagiarism of the cartoonist’s graphic novel.

So profuse have the apologies become, that they could be considered to be making fun of his critics. Further complicating matters, some of Shia’s apologies seem to be plagiarized also.

‘You have my apologies for offending you for thinking I was being serious instead of accurately realizing I was mocking you,’ he tweeted on Tuesday, sounding more trite than contrite.

The tweet was similar to a May article in in which a pro-life advocate mocked pro-choice supporters in nearly the same words.

He also apologized to the cartoonist using the same language employed by porn star Mr. Marcus after he was busted in 2012 for knowingly exposing co-stars to syphilis and also has cribbed apologies from Eliot Spitzer, Russell Crowe and Yahoo Answers, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The apologetic messages came after the actor earlier this month released his 12-minute short film starring Jim Gaffigan, but quickly pulled it after allegations of plagiarism arose.

Contrite or trite? Shia LaBeouf apologized again on Wednesday to graphic artist Daniel Clowes for stealing from his work without attribution

What the hell is wrong with Shia LaBeouf? In this day and age, is plagiarizing the dumbest thing someone can do? If you plagarize there is a 1000% chance you’ll get caught. Anyone in the world can type in your script and see if it was used before. Which is probably exactly what happened. To make matters worse, he’s plagiarizing apologies and writing sky notes. Basically telling everyone to s his d and he doesn’t give a shit what everyone thinks. Perfect way to start the new year and change everyone’s already horrible opinion of you. Although I’m absolutely stealing the sky writing move for the next time I do something dumb. Semi power move.

– Ryan

Conor P. Fudge Gets Arrested For Stealing Cake and Ice Cream…

When real-life Walter White is sought on a meth charge, it’s a story. When Leonard Dickman gets arrested on a public indecency charge, it’s a story. So when Conor P. Fudge gets caught on camera swiping cake from an ice cream shop, you can bet your rocky road it’s a story.

Fudge, 25, was allegedly caught stealing cakes and containers of ice cream from a Cold Stone Creamery in Iowa City, the Gazette reported Monday.

The store owner gave police the scoop on Fudge, saying he was employed there until late August and used an unauthorized key to get inside after hours on Sept. 11 and 12, according to the Associated Press. The tape also allegedly shows him taking moneyout of a safe, the Iowa City Press-Citizen reported.

The combined value of the desserts and the money was about $500. He’s charged with burglary and theft.

Ok, now I have heard it all. A sweet tooth wielding robber has the last name of “Fudge”? This cannot be real life. They did not put a mug shot up of Mr. Fudge, but this is what I imagine he looks like.

IMG_8049 copyAt least he was smart enough to hit the safe on the way out too. My question is, with a name like fudge, he had to have been in there solely for the cake and scram. Right? The money was just a bonus for him.


PS- How hard do you hit rock bottom that you steal cake and ice cream?

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