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Be Still My Beating Heart…Seriously Be Still, I Feel Like I’m Having a Heart Attack From all this Surge

For anyone who drank soda in the 90’s you knew two things. 1. Pepsi Blue was ahead of its time and 2. Surge was the greatest soda of all time. ALL MOTHER FUCKING TIME. Great news came across my iPhone today, Surge is back and exclusively on Get a dozen cans for 14.99. I fully expect to buy AT LEAST 4 cases. Get yours here.



Life Lessons From Yoko Ono


It’s Friday. Let’s get yoked.

“@yokoono: I would like to see a sky vending machine on every corner of the street instead of the coke machine. We need more skies than coke.”

– Not a bad idea in theory. I’m just not quite sure what a sky vending machine would look like. And would it sell skies? How much does a sky cost? Is there more than one sky? Yoko has a lot of explaining to do.

“@yokoono: You can even assemble a painting with a person in the North Pole over a phone, like playing chess.”

– Yoko is really all over the place with this one. Personally I don’t know anyone who lives in the North Pole. Not exactly the most habitable place in the world. Just seems like a really inconvenient scenario. I’m assuming the North Pole has horrible cell phone service. What if you’re on a deadline? Not your best suggestion Yoko.

This week’s lessons: we need more sky vending machines, and if you’re attempting to paint a painting, make sure you get in touch with someone at the North Pole. Stay frosty and have a great weekend.

– Jim

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