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Arnold Schwarzenegger Adorably Congratulated Sylvester Stallone On His Golden Globe Win Via Snapchat


One of my favorite parts about last night’s Golden Globe’s was Sylvester Stallone’s incredibly deserving best supporting actor win for his role in ‘Creed’. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should really go out of your way to check it out, because both Stallone and the movie itself are really great. Stallone’s speech was great as well, and both during and the after the ceremony, Sly received congratulations from a lot of his peers and fans. One of those congratulations came in the form of his good friend Arnold Schwarzenegger, who congratulated Sly via Snapchat with an adorable video. Is the Oscar next for Sly? Arnie seems to think so, and I’m not going to disagree with the Terminator.


What is Wrong With People – Teen Charged After ‘Selfie With Dead Body’

A US teenager has been charged with murder after authorities say he took a selfie with the dead body of a boy and sent it to a friend on social media.

The 16-year-old, named by news reports as Maxwell Marion Morton, is accused of shooting to death Ryan Mangan, 16, at his home in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, on 4 February.

The alleged selfie depicted “the victim sitting in a chair with a gunshot wound to the face” and male “taking the selfie with his face facing the camera with the victim behind him”, according to a police affidavit.

It was obtained by police after a woman reported that her son had received the photo via Snapchat.

The woman also told police that her son had received text messages saying: “I told you I cleaned up the shells” and “Ryan was not the last one”.


I would like nothing more than to sit here and tell you how shocking this is, but to be honest, I can’t do that. This is what teenagers have become. Savages with no remorse for their actions (generalizing like crazy right now). First off, what is going so wrong in your life that you murder one of your classmates and then when you realize what you’ve done you take a picture of the body and snapchat it out to your friends. That, ladies and gentlemen, is insanity at its finest and it makes me worried about our future.


Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel Is Kind Of…. The Man


Ok so TechCrunch is calling internet superstar, Evan Spiegel, “kind of an ass” because of this leaked email that has been zooming around the internet all day. Me personally? I don’t see where Spiegel is an “ass” at all. Congratulating his frat bros on a job well done and hoping they all got some tail. That sounds like a a proud papa to me. Dude loves his fraternity and I bet every single one loves him back now that he has created a way for sloppy sorority girls to send carefree nudies to them.


Like come on, TechCrunch, did you really think the creator of Snapchat was going to be Mother Teresa?



Snap Chat: A Year In Review

Here are a few, completely out of context, Snap Chats from this year. The Average Nobodies really do know how to pick friends.









-The Average Nobodies

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