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Sex Ads Are Getting Weird

Here is my latest WordPress notification, which was on a comment on my Shia LaBeouf post the other day:

You have to try 3single dot com. There you talk to amateur grils who look like your neighbor. Have fun :)

So this is what the sex ad business has come to. Really going out on a limb and hoping my neighbor is a hot girl. Well guess what 3single got com, my neighbors are not hot girls. So if I go on your site, who exactly am I talking to? Is it my neighbor across the street, who are the parents are my best friend? Is it the elderly woman who lives next door? I’m no Casanova, but that shit doesn’t do it for me. Also an important detail in the sexy talk game is spelling girls correctly. I don’t want to talk to amateur grils. I don’t want to talk to professional grils. I will admit the smiley face at the end was a nice touch. Other than that, I’ll probably never use 3single dot com. PROBABLY.

– Ryan