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Stephen Curry Is Playing On A Different Level Right Now & This Video Is Magical Proof

Steph Curry is from a different planet, but you already knew that. He scored 40 points (again) last night, but the best part of that entire game and maybe the entire season is at the 11 second mark in the above video. Steph’s teammate Andrew Bogut is in the low post and getting double teamed, so he kicks it out to an almost unbelievably open Steph, and the rest of the play is magical. Bogut begins running up the floor BEFORE Steph even shoots because he knows it’s going in, and Kemba Walker takes one step towards Steph but also knows the result, and just kind of sulks while the balls swooshes through the net. I really hope the Warriors breaks the Bulls single season wins record, and I hope Steph Curry plays until he’s 100 years old.


Jon Stewart Tried To Make Sense Of The Senseless Charleston Shootings On Last Night’s ‘Daily Show’

“We still won’t do jackshit.” For the first time I can remember, I hoped words coming out of Jon Stewart’s mouth would be wrong. But like always, he’s not. This kind of attack, whether racially motivated or not, is becoming far too common in America. President Obama spoke on the tragedy yesterday and said that attacks like these just don’t happen in other advanced countries. The Charleston tragedy marks the 14th time President Obama has had to address the nation following a mass shooting. If that seems like a lot, that’s because it is. You can talk about gun control or mental illness or whatever else you think is causing these senseless crimes, but the fact of the matter is that it’s clear the people in control won’t do jackshit. If they were going to do something, you’d think it’d be done by now. All the speeches and articles that demand a call to action fall on deaf ears, and if this is the new America, where mass shooting are apart of daily life, then it’s an America I don’t want to apart of.

– Ryan

Peter Jackson Live Blogs From The Last Day On “The Hobbit” Ever

Peter Jackson has been very transparent about the filming of The Hobbit trilogy.  He has put up numerous video blogs, pictures, and character interviews.  His last day on the set is no different.

The following are pictures and blurbs from Jackson’s live blog of the last day on the set.


Jackson writes: “I’ve been lying here in pitch darkness, watching fight rehearsals over and over again. Our stunt co-ordinatior [sic], Glen Boswell, worked with the actors last weekend, designing some climatic battle moments. He filmed them, and I have them on my iPad, in an application we wrote called “WingNut TV”. It’s a program that allows a huge amount of material to be catalog used and updated each day over the Internet. It contains all our dailies, edited films, previs, music, and much more. I’m looking at the fights, figuring out the angles I’ll need to film them today. A huge amount to do, and it needs to get done.” enhanced-buzz-12923-1374842081-22

“The day has a messy start, because the first couple of hours are going to be spent shooting stuff we were supposed to have finished yesterday. But because of the sheer complexity of the choreography, we worked late, and still didn’t finish.

The photo: yes, we did actually just film this. Please don’t ask me to explain! Let’s get that WB filter activated! Thank you Hannah and Dusty!”


“Had to race to A Stage to try and explain to Graham and Christian why they were shooting their Dwalin fight against green screen, and not our beautiful expensive set as planned. Graham started sharpening his axe, so I just told them to read my last Facebook posting and I fled.” enhanced-buzz-30453-1374843118-19

“The score for Film 2 is going to be terrific. Last year, we were a little frustrated because we had to revisit so many of the LotR themes – The Shire, Rivendell, Galadriel, Gollum, and the Ring – we did this because I’m wanting these 3 Hobbit movies to have great unity with the Rings films in design, wardrobe, story and music, so it meant “An Unexpected Journey” had to acknowledge what had gone before.

But this time around, apart from a couple of Ring moments, it’s all new: Beorn, Mirkwood, The Woodland Realm, Laketown, Bard and Smaug all give Howard the chance to write brand new themes, and he’s knocking it out of the park!”


“I asked the various Thorins to pose just before they headed off to lunch. One of these is Richard Armitage, and two of them are not. It’s your guess … The one in the middle is a little psycho.

I am looking forward to making movies with everyone the same height in the future.”


“Just shot this close up of Richard. Look for it in Dec 2014!

2 more shots to go. Main Unit shooting Thorin, Splinter Unit shooting Fili and Kili.”


“The last shot… Smiles and happiness… And sadness. Yikes, very sad.”

~Via BuzzFeed


PS- For Jackson’s video blogs click here.

PSS- This is why Peter Jackson is a true professional

How-To Tuesday – Nexus 7 DSLR Monitor

The great thing about shooting video with a DSLR is that you get great looking footage. The bad thing? They are not meant to do so. One way to help me shoot video on my 5D MKIII was connecting my Nexus 7 tablet to the camera and using the app ‘DSLR Controller’. In case anyone was curious on how to connect a Nexus 7 to your DSLR rig, here is a custom mount I built myself. Build cost was about $25 (including app price). A link to everything I bought is in the video description and below


1/4 20 to cold shoe mount –

Nexus 7 case –

GoPro Tripod Mount –

USB Adapter –

DSLR Controller $6.99 –

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