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JR Smith is a Horrible Human Being

A lot of people are laughing this off as a prank. Ask anyone whose ever played basketball at any level if they thought this was funny. 1 million out of 1 million people will tell you it’s not. Ever rolled, sprained or broke your ankle? Not much humor about that. Running up and down the court in the NBA with your shoelaces untied is probably the easiest way to sprain your ankle. I don’t think you should fine or suspend Smith, though. He should be banned from the league FOR LIFE. Only reasonable thing I can think of. He should thank his lucky stars that he didn’t do that to Dirk. I’d be on the first flight to New York to kick his tattooed ass.

– Ryan

P.S. In retrospect, I shouldn’t be surprised someone with such a wholesome look did this..

Who Throws A Shoe? Honestly.

Georgetown Basketball Player Attempts to Block Shot by Throwing Her Shoe

“Georgetown forward Shayla Cooper threw her shoe in an attempt to block a three-pointer from a Richmond player in a game on Friday.” -Bleacher Report

Incase anyone is wondering, this “move” is completely illegal. No way, no how this was going to end well for Shayla. Here are the outcomes of pulling a stunt like this: A.) Throwing the shoe, missing, and looking like and idiot. Or B.) You throw the shoe, hit the ball, the other team misses the shot, and you still look like an idiot.





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