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Funky Beats Friday – Sweet Child O’ Mine (Violin Cover)

Did I watch the series finale of ‘The Office’ last night? Yes. Does Angela walk down the aisle at her and Dwight’s wedding to this violin cover of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’? Yes. Is it awesome? YES. Violin covers are my jam, and this one is pretty amazing. Enjoy the funky beat, and have a great weekend.

– Ryan

My Heart Gently Weeps: The Series Finale Of ‘Parks & Recreation’ Is Tonight

I’m not ready! The only thing more cruel than one of your favorite shows ending is that same show having an abbreviated final season, which is exactly what happened to Parks & Recreation. During the final season NBC has been airing two episodes a week, and the series finale tonight is an hour long, so I can’t help but feel rushed as I’m trying to say goodbye to my favorite people from Pawnee, Indiana. Parks & Rec premiered at a perfect time for me, as The Office was winding down and I wasn’t sure if another comedy in the style of The Office would be able to take it’s place. Then along came Leslie, Ron, Ann and the rest of the Parks department to fill that void, and fill it they did, as Parks eventually became one of the best comedies on television. What separated Parks & Rec from other great comedies was how deep their roster was; Leslie and her crew were the mainstays, but the recurring characters like Ron’s wives, Councilman Jamm and other politicians, plus the addition of Ben and Chris gave the show so many funny and interesting characters that it was impossible to have a bad episode. Parks & Recreation will be missed, and I’ll be eating waffles for dinner in honor of the great Leslie Knope tonight.

– Ryan

Happy “How I Met Your Mother” Day


Today marks the end of a 9 year journey for Marshall, Barney, Lilly, Robin, and Ted. Tonight the New York gang says goodbye to both their fans and each other as they each take a separate path. Marshall and Lilly will be moving to Italy, Ted took a job in New York, and the newly weds, Robin and Barney will start married life in New York. This last season, and more specifically, the most recent episode, has given me all the closure I need for this sitcom, and if that’s is the case then what can I expect from the finale? Personally I think HIMYM still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Don’t be surprised if this one is a tad more tear-jerkier than other series finales like it. I think we are in for a wild ride of emotions.


Think about this going into the finale: Why is Ted telling his kids this story? What sparked it?

I think we find out tonight.

‘Scrubs’ Gets a Reunion on ‘Cougar Town’

I don’t really watch “Cougar Town’, but if more episodes were like this I would DVR that shizz every week! Can’t get enough of Scrubs.


PS- Finally finished Scrubs about a week ago (Still weeping after the end of season 8).

PSS- I realize this episode isn’t new. I just happened to stumble upon it.

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