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Jason Alexander Just Made the Day Of Everyday Seinfeld/George Costanza Fan


If you watched Seinfeld, this makes you smile. Like a big, hearty smile. If you’ve never watched Seinfeld and don’t understand this then you should probably go and buy the box set and enjoy one of the best shows in television history. Or watch this YouTube clip about all the times George Costanza has spoken about architecture.

– Ryan


I Need A Self Portrait


I feel like this is the next logical step in my life. I graduated high school and college. I got a full-time job. Now I need a self portrait. I’m not talking about going Clay Matthews and having hundred’s of photo’s of myself in my basement. I want it be tasteful, classy. Something like “The Kramer”. The caricature of myself as a baseball player on my bedroom ceiling needs to be replaced. The only thing missing is an actual artist. Let it be known now that I only pay in beer. Rules are rules.

– Ryan

Best Written TV Shows of All Time: Hits and Misses

Best Written TV Shows of All Time

The link above will take you to yahoo’s list of the 25 best written tv shows of all time. No shit. Now to be honest I’m a supremely biased human, and I haven’t seen a lot of these shows, but here’s a few thoughts on the list.

The Sopranos is a clear cut number 1. Done and done. Amazing storyline, theme, characters, top to bottom this show captivated anyone and everyone who watched it. The Wire? Probably my favorite show all time. The human element of this shows makes the viewer feel what it’s like to be apart of a crime stricken city where no matter who you are, knowledge is power. Then there’s the classic comedies. SNL, Seinfeld, Friends, Cheers, etc. but I find myself furious to see the Simpsons on there.

Is the show well written? Maybe, but it’s not South Park. No television show outside of a news outlet stays as current and satirically witty as South Park. Throw in the fact they produce an animated show in 6 days, of this caliber, and to me it’s top ten easy.

I see a lot of other shows on there that I’m unsure of their quality, but assume they’re included simply because of their long runs and nostalgic feel. See MASH, Twilight Zone, and the Dick Van Dyke Show.

I really only decided to write this because I’m a huge fan of South Park and KNOW they don’t get the respect they deserve (although the creators don’t want/need it). I’d probably get made fun of for writing this if I was more famous as well. Anyway, I’ve said my peace and as far as the the best written shows of all time, South Park, in my eyes, deserves a seat at the head table….budday.


PS I kind of hope I get made fun of by them with this post

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