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It’s Official, I Hate Drake


I know this is a few days old but I wanted to think long and hard before I used the H word on Drake. I like his music. He was funny on SNL. But outside of performing he just sucks. Where was Drake before this game that he needed to 1. bring a lint roller and 2. actually use it. Does he volunteer at a cat shelter in his spare time? Did he get into a fluffy pillow fight with one of the thousands of friends he has and the pillow got ripped and feathers floated all over his pants? The number one reason I hate Drake is because he disguises a trip to his hometown basketball team’s playoff game as being a true fan when in reality it’s all about him. If he was going to the game to root on the Raptors, he wouldnt sit front row and bring a lint roller. He wants everyone in the world to see his stupid face and to let you know he’s better than you with his gold chains and expensive shirts and lint rollers. Well I’m going to proudly walk around with my lint covered clothes in protest. That’ll show ’em.

– Ryan


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