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The “I’ll Have The Quesadilla” Lyric in Nickelback’s “Rockstar” is the Dumbest Lyric in Music History

Before I get started, I want to make something perfectly clear: I don’t hate Nickelback. I don’t think they’re anything special but I’m not a rabid anti-fan who prays to the devil hoping for their demise. I do, however, have a problem with a lyric from one of their hit songs. The song “Rockstar” is about a guy or a band who dreams of being a rockstar(s). Throughout the entire song the lead singer documents everything he would do if he were rich and famous. At one point, at around the 2:00 mark, he talks about signing autographs so he can eat his meals for free. The next lyric is the dumbest lyric in the history of recorded music. “I’ll have the quesadilla. Ha, ha.”. What kind of stupid peice of shit, when given the chance of a free meal, picks a quesadilla? You’re a world famous rockstar, and you’re eating quesadilla’s like some type of Taco Bell addict? This, and only this, is the reason Nickelback will never make it anywhere in life. It starts with picking quesadillas, and it ends with them singing a cover version of their old songs at some spoiled brats bat mitzvah. Should’ve went with the chicken parm, assholes.


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