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Giant Anaconda – Someone Call Ice Cube


NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. Fuck that. The last thing I’m doing when I see a titanic-sized Anaconda is pole it with a wooden oar. It’s not like these guys were in a big boat either. If that snake wanted to it could have eaten both of them and awarded them the Darwin Prize. This is another reason i’m not going to South American…EVER.

Only the Best and the Brightest Athletes Show Up to Trivia Night

Trivia Tiebreaker


Intensity. Integrity. Intelligence. Are those Olympic athletes doing the football toss? Tough to tell, but it’s clear Wednesday Trivia Night is the breeding ground for the future of America. The future sure does look bleak.

– Ryan

P.S. Take notes on how to toss..

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