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Don Harris Has Finally Hit The ‘I Don’t Give A Shit Anymore’ Age

DonThe leader of the NAACP in Phoenix hopes his community takes a stand against racism, but is now under fire himself after he had no problem making a sexist comment about a reporter.

Don Harris, president of the civil rights organization’s Maricopa County chapter, was speaking about reaction to six girls spelling the N-word on their shirts at a local high school when he said “nice t–s” to a female reporter.

When a bunch of white people mess up and do something racist, it’s normal for the local NAACP chapter leader to talk to the media about how ignorant and dumb white people are. And then there’s Don Harris. Don skipped that part and decided to go as rogue as one can go. Not only did he tell the female reporter she had ‘nice tits’, as quoted above, but he also offered one of the most bizarre apologies in the history of the world.

Harris’s outburst was followed by a bizarre mea culpa from the former lawyer, who told the Times, “I apologize if anyone was offended. I could have said nothing . . . I’m really f—ing sorry.”

“I’m going to slash my wrists,” the 77-year-old, who is white and in his second year as NAACP leader, said in response to a question about fighting sexism.

“Better yet, I’m going to throw myself out of a f—ing window, except I’m on the first floor . . . I’m one of the best goddamned people in the state.”

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First question – why is a white guy the leader of any NAACP organization? Seems counter productive. Two – why is a SEVENTY SEVEN year old white guy the leader of anything? There is no demographic more unstable than old white people. They just don’t care about anything. They’ve seen a lot of shit, and are so stuck in their ways it’s infuriating. I love my grandmother, but I would not put her in charge of bringing napkins to a birthday party, never mind leading the NAACP. Just look at Don Harris’s apology if you don’t believe me. He threatens suicide by saying he’s going to jump out a window, takes it back because he realizes he’s on the first floor, then says he’s one of the best goddamn people in the state. All in a matter of a sentence. You know who says stuff like that? Crazy people. Whoever put Don Harris in a position of power needs to seriously reexamine their strategic thinking skills, and maybe get him out of the spotlight forever.


Of Course Georgia’s New License Plate Has a Confederate Flag On It



Why wouldn’t it? Why would it have a peach or a picture of Ty Cobb or something we could all agree on? Where’s the fun in that? This proves that there are just people in this world who never want racism to go away. I’ve lived in Rhode Island my whole life, so I can’t say with any accuracy what life is like in the South, but I guarantee whoever decided this was a good idea wanted to ruffle some feathers. Stir up a good old fashioned racism debate. Mission accomplished.

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– Ryan

Paula Deen Supporters Sending Angry Emails To The Wrong Channel Is Perfect

“Attention all those who love Paula Deen. We’ve been getting your emails. Your phone calls. We’re pretty sure the good old fashioned mail will soon follow. We get that you are mad about her contract not being renewed. The problem is, you are calling and writing the wrong people. Yes, we are The Food Channel. Have been since the 1980s, when we trademarked the name and used it for a newsletter, then a website. However, we are not The Food Network, the company that helped to make Paula Deen a household name. Nor are we The Cooking Channel. Both of those broadcast channels are owned by the Scripps Television Network. We are not owned by Scripps. We are independently owned. We do not have a full channel on TV, although we are experimenting with taking some of our shows to TV—but unless you live in select test markets, you aren’t seeing them just yet. We don’t carry programming created by Paula Deen, nor do we carry Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, Robert Irvine, Tyler Florence, Ina Garten, Giada, or any of those celebrity chefs that everyone enjoys watching (including us!). So, the best we can do is point you to the Scripps Television Network snail mail address. And we can publish a few of your letters. You can find both at the bottom of this article. And, if Paula Deen is interested in helping to grow the real Food Channel into something that you all will watch, we are all ears. We want to take her apology seriously, and believe we can be part of helping her use this as a way to address such issues in the future, if she so desires. Tell her to contact us at” –


So this is who people are choosing to support. Gotta love racists. Just blindly spewing their beliefs if it means coming to the defense of a fellow racist. Not only are you publicly supporting a horrible human being, but you’re bashing a television network that doesn’t even carry Paula Deen’s programs. I just wish I could have been there when these people were typing up these emails. This is the moment you’re finally able to give corporate America a piece of your mind. Are you supporting an admitted racist? Sure, but its time THE MAN hears what you have to say. Oops, wrong network. Now you’re setting back our country 140 years both culturally and intellectually. If I had to pick one person to blindly support, it wouldn’t be a racist Southern belle who supports obesity in America. It would be Bill Paxton. Human stupidity is truly limitless.

– Ryan

P.S. I’m more upset that she’s a bad cook. That’s just how I roll.

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