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Korey Jerelds, Just Casually Punching Police Horses


He was mad at the horse.

Korey Jerelds, 30, was arrested early Saturday after he allegedly punched a police horse in the neck several times following a loud verbal disturbance.

According to WTSP, an officer on a horseback was dispersing a crowd when Jerelds “yelled an expletive about the horse and took a fighting stance before punching the animal.”

Jerelds now faces charges of interfering with or obstructing a police dog or horse.

The horse, whose name is Mr. George II, was not harmed in the incident, according to WESH. – HuffPost

I could be wrong, but I think this is the second blog the Average Nobodies have done about some guy getting arrested for punching a police horse (Ryan, can I get a confirmation?). Does this kind of stuff really happen that much? If two people already got arrested in the past year for this I can only imagine how many horse punching bandits are getting away with this stuff. And obviously the cop wouldn’t report their horse getting punched. How stupid would a cop sound if he said someone punched his horse and got away. Pretty fucking stupid. You’re on a horse, do something about it. Chase his ass down and make him face the penalties of horse punching. Which i’m assuming is 12 hours community service and a apology to the horse.


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