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Preveiwing Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning – Part XVII


I think you and I are destined to do this forever.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, both two of the greatest quarterbacks of their generation and of all time, will face each other for the 17th time this Sunday with a trip to Super Bowl 50 on the line. As AFC rivals their entire career, the stakes literally could not be higher. Brady is 11-5 in his career vs. Manning, but in their 4 career playoff meetings, each man has come away with two victories. In those four seasons, either Brady or Manning’s team have gone on to win the Super Bowl three times.

Living in New England, Tom Brady, now in his 16th NFL season, has taken on an almost God-like status. Whether you love him or you hate him, you cannot deny how superior the man is at football. Over a 15 year period, the team that represents the AFC in the Super Bowl has almost exclusively gone through Foxboro. Since the 01-02 season, this will be the 10th time (!) that Tom Brady and the Patriots have played in the AFC Championship game. Of the previous nine, they’ve won six, and gone on to win four of those Super Bowls. Brady has a career record of 22-8 in the playoffs, but is only 3-3 on the road, which goes to show how dominant his Patriots teams have been in the regular season. He’s Batman in football form, dispensing his enemies with relative ease all while keeping up the poster boy charm.

Peyton Manning, now in his 18th NFL season, has been the Joker to Brady’s Batman. Manning holds 15 NFL regular season passing records, including the most yards and touchdowns of all time. Manning’s success in the regular season is only rivaled by Brady’s, and where Brady thrives (playoffs) Manning has faltered. Manning is 12-13 in his career in the playoffs, and the only postseason stat in which he equals Brady is in the amount of Super Bowls he has lost (2). Now for a guy to play in 25 playoff games (and counting), win a Super Bowl and have all those regular accolades is an amazing career. But Peyton Manning was put on this Earth to play football at the same time as Thomas Brady, and they will forever be entwined.

While stats are fun for casual conversations with friends, all that matters to Patriots, Broncos, Brady and Manning fans is the outcome of Sunday’s matchup. From now until Sunday you’ll see a million articles about how the game is so much more than Brady and Manning, but when it comes down to it, it really isn’t. It’s all about Brady and Manning. It’s about two guys who love the game of football and are really, really good at it, and for the 17th time they get to duke it out to see who is the better man. I can confidently say we will never see a quarterback rivalry at this level again, and I’m just glad I got to be a fan during their tenures. As for Sunday’s game? Patriots 23 Broncos 16.


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-The Average Nobodies

Total Nerd or Super Dedicated Athlete? You Be The Judge


Just Peyton being Peyton I guess. I would like to call him a nerd but you have to respect the hustle on this. Helmet and everything?! This guy can’t stop, won’t stop.


Terrance Knighton Has the Best Nickname on the Planet, Maybe the Universe

Primetime, Beast Mode, Megatron, Hollywood Joe, and Sweetness. All good nicknames given to some of the greats over the years, but those alter egos don’t even hold a candle to Terrence Knighton’s nickname.

While watching Sunday football I heard Phil Simms call the Broncos D-Tacke, after an interception, “Pot Roast”. I nearly fell out of my chair with jealousy. Like could this guy have hit the jackpot any harder? What an awesome nickname, and honestly one that fits Terrence perfectly.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos

After doing some research (first time ever) I found out that he was dubbed the nickname by teammates in Jacksonville after ordering Pot Roast on an airplane. Power order, Terrence.

If I was Terrence I would have the Broncos start selling #94 jerseys with “Pot Roast” on the back. Hell, I would buy 2!

Home and away.


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