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Face Tattoo’s and Crazy Names are In

FacedThe most tattooed man in Great Britain, formerly known as Matthew Whelan, has spent over $40,000 covering 90 percent of his body in tattoos. In 2009, Matthew changed his name to King Of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite. Yes, that’s now his full name. King Of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite was recently offered work overseas doing body modification so he applied for a passport, but was denied because of his unconventional name, even though it already appears on his driver’s license


I’m on the side of King here (names too long to spell it out every time). If he were to walk up to me and introduce himself as ‘Matt’ Id laugh in his face and punch him in the stomach. You can’t spend $40,000 and go through all the pain and suffering of tattooing 90% of your body and then keep your given, boring name. Would I have gone with such a long and repetitive name? Probably not. I mean we get it, you’re the King. But I also have one tattoo that cost me $60. I have to imagine the face tattoo community has seen a lot of shit, so it’s either go big or go home when it comes to the name change. Long live King of Ink Land King Body Art the Extreme Ink-ite.

– Ryan

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