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Coach Bombay Is Rooting For The Anaheim Ducks On Twitter & The Blackhawks Are Officially Toast

Anaheim leads their series over Chicago 3-2, and to make things worse, the greatest fictional hockey coach in history is now rooting them on. I don’t want to say that Emilio Estevez rooting for the Ducks on Twitter had anything to do with them winning last night, but it had everything to do with them winning. Sometimes you just need certain people rooting you on and that’s all the motivation it takes to win. Gordon Bombay rooting on the Ducks, making ‘Ducks Fly Together’ references? If I were the Blackhawks I’d be upset they even made them play that game. I wouldn’t want Gordon Bombay rooting against me, ESPECIALLY when any kind of ducks are involved. That’s just unfair.

– Ryan

P.S. Emilio Estevez only having 184K followers is one of the biggest travesties of all time.

Twitter News Weekly – Chelsea Clinton, NBA & NHL Playoffs, Miley Cyrus

-The Average Nobodies

The Hulkster Endorses The Bruins, May As Well Have Jesus On Our Side

From Toucher & Rich: Hulk Hogan’s Message for the Bruins

There’s no denying that Hulk Hogan is a legend, an icon, and one hell of a model American.  Well that last one is debatable, but how does the saying go?  Greatness finds greatness?  Ok maybe, I made it up, but when a guy like Hulk Hogan puts someone over, you know they’re destined for greatness.  I mean yes, the interview was the typical Hogan schtick with all of the “brothers” and “dudes”, but man can this dude draw a crowd.  Dammit.  Also, I’m starting to think this guy is just permanently in character now, which isn’t a terrible thing.  Aside from holding back my guy Y2J, Hogan recognizes talent, and when he says the Bruins are gonna run wild on you, you better batten down the hatches.

I can’t say I’m surprised the Bruins took game 1 in Pittsburgh, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting it, but knew it was possible.  The Hulkster probably saw it from a mile away.  What I do know is that wasn’t even the best hockey Boston can bring and we still came out with the W.  And another thing I know? You don’t bet against Hulk Hogan and with him on our side anything is possible.  Let’s go B’s!


P.S.  What are the chances we can get him to play the National Anthem on guitar alongside Rene Rancourt on Wednesday? Let’s make that happen.

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