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The 2015 Mustang Changed Everything I Thought a Mustang Could Be

this oneI really don’t know how Ford does it. Every time Ford releases a new “pony” it is better than the last one, (with expect ion to 1967, it will never be beaten) and the 2015 is no exception. Punchy, sleek, and somehow sneaky modern the 2015 Mustang defies what a new muscle car, specifically a American made one, can be. It has all the classic looks (tail lights, fast back, and stance) that mustangs have kept over the years, but has added all the curves and swagger that a new style car brings to the table. Just when I thought the Mustang cannot be outdone, they go and do something like this. One word: gorgeous. I cannot wait to get inside one.

2015-ford-mustang_100448864_l 2015-ford-mustang_100448882_l 2015-ford-mustang_100448888_l 2015-ford-mustang_100448891_l