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Guy Upset That His Flight Was Overbooked Strips Naked In The Airport. That’ll Show ‘Em

This is as irrational as it gets. This guy just reverted back to child mode and was so upset he just didn’t know what to do. That’s the only way to explain this. As someone who works in the travel industry, this happens ALOT. If the airlines aren’t overbooking you they’re canceling or delaying your flight and basically making your travel experience as miserable as possible. Stripping naked definitely isn’t the answer, but I understand where this guy is coming from. He was ready to head to Jamaica and instead was greeted with a big FU. The only problem now is that instead of getting out on the next flight, and probably sitting in a better class of seating, he’s going to jail and on YouTube. You sure showed them, weird naked man.

– Ryan

DMX is at It Again – This Time He Streaks Through A Hotel


Is it me or are DMX’s antics getting a little more tamed? I can remember a time when he would steal a cop car and drive it around on an airport runway, now this? DMX, man, this is the kinda stuff that pre-teens and Justin Beiber would do. I’m gonna need to to harden up man. Just take a second…stop, drop, and open up shop.



PS- tumblr_mao9dtCJrR1qg1lsq

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