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Adam Savage From MythBusters Is A Madman, And I Love It

Just in case you were looking for something to do in your spare time you could always recreate the maze from ‘The Shining’. Because that wouldn’t be incredibly hard to do or anything. My first reaction, this is fucking awesome. My second reaction, this is fucking AWESOME. It makes me angry how talented mr Adam Savage is not to mention what a fantastic shop he has. Hey Adam, got any internships available? Teach me!


Adam and Jamie Moderate Their Own Comic-Con Panel

These guys are awesome. Why have someone feed you questions when you can cut the middle man out and field the questions yourself! Look for Mythbusters Season 10 this fall.


Grand Theft Auto 5 Gets Mythbusted!

Just incase anyone was wondering, you can knife a shark and kill it, while swimming, in GTA 5. That’s all I needed to hear, now i’m going to go home and try to kill a shark with a tiny blade for 6 hours.


Check out Defend The House’s YouTube page for more great video game videos. 

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