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Ken Block is Back and He Brought a 845HP AWD 1965 Mustang……swooon

If anyone questions whether or not Ken Block is my favorite racer (of any racing genre or class) watch this video and be cleared of all doubt. Gymkhana 7, like the other 6, is eye popping, heart racing, and blood pumping. Every time he releases one of these (about one a year) it outdoes the last. No exceptions here. Love the O.J. Bronco tribute.


PS- Not to mention he is racing my favorite car of all time.


3 Cars That Get My Heart Racing

Ferrari F40

_8308531_origThe Ferrari F40 is easily one of the most recognized cars the world over. 0-60 in 4 seconds? Check. Head-turning curves? Check. Purrs like a kitten on acid? Double check. Even though this beauty stopped being manufactured in 1992, the Ferrari F40 has a timeless look that will never go out of style.

Toyota Corolla AE86 ae86The 86′ Corolla hatchback aka The Panda. This car is known around the world as a legendary Japanese drift car. People love the tiny form factor and light weight that make it an idea on the track racer. As for me? I just like that way it looks. Something about the hatch and the slant of the hood is very appealing to me. Not to mention the two-tone paint scheme. I love me some two-tone. I know it might sound weird, with so many other cars out there, but I would be more than happy to have one of these in my garage.

Mustang GT500 Fastback 1967-ford-mustang-gt-500Last, but never least, is the 1967 Mustang GT500 fastback aka Eleanor. First thing i’d like to say about this car is that over the years it has become all to common to see these at car shows and auctions, but that doesn’t change anything for me. The only change that I would make to the classic “Eleanor look” would be to paint the car flat black and keep the glossy black racing stripes. Just a perfect car inside and out.


Honorable Mentions
• Subaru WRX STi
• Acura NSX
• 1969 GTO
• 1970 Barracuda 440

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