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Is ‘Ghost Hunting’ the Greatest Robbery Excuse Ever?

Two ghost-hunting tourists and their guide were mistaken for burglars while exploring an abandoned Civil War-era building.        

According to The Associated Press, police in Pennsylvania are investigating after a police officer mistook two tourists and a tour guide for burglars and arrested them. The officer reportedly passed by an old Civil War-era building in Gettysburg and saw flashlights inside. Thinking he was witnessing a burglary in progress, he went in, handcuffed, searched and detained the three ghost hunters at gunpoint.

It was later confirmed that the tour guide had permission to use the allegedly haunted building for tours.


I hope all the burglars out there are taking notes. Because apparently the ol’ “hunting for ghosts” story actually works. That’s the best built in excuse ever. Ghost hunters and burglars probably dress the same. I imagine they have similar styles. They both have to be quiet, they both use flashlights and they’re both insane. Now that I think of it ghost hunters and burglars are pretty much indistinguishable from each other. I wonder if Scooby Doo and his band of assholes were actually burglars. If they were, I just discovered the greatest fictional cover up in history. I think i just blew my own mind.

– Ryan

Rusty The Red Panda Has Been Found

All’s well for Rusty, the red panda who set the Internet abuzz on June 24 when he escaped his exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington D.C. On Tuesday, zookeepers returned the healthy runaway panda to his enclosure, where he soon went back to munching on fruit and bamboo and getting reacquainted with his old roommate Shama. Following his capture, the staff kept Rusty in the zoo’s vet hospital, followed by a “temporary holding enclosure,” where he remained until his release yesterday.”


If you’re not happy that Rusty the red panda has been found and returned then you have no heart. He just looks like a panda I’d want to have a few beers with on a rainy day. Although I have to say, it’s kind of confusing that Rusty lives at the Smithsonian. I was just there with funky butt Matt, and I don’t remember seeing any live animals. Now I’m kind of upset I never got to see Rusty. Either way, I’m glad Rusty is home. Nothing better than a heartwarming panda story to start your day. Stories like this support my long standing theory that people care more about animals than they do humans, and quite frankly, I feel the same way. If Hank the janitor ran away nobody would give a shit, but if they never found Rusty, I don’t know if I’d have the strength to go on. Stay strong Rusty. Our hopes and dreams live on with you.

– Ryan

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