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Cat Shaped Chest Hair is All the Craze Right Now

cat shaped chest hair

If this is going to be the after effects of Movember then I vote we shut it down right now. Growing mustaches is one thing. Turning that mustache into a weird mustache chest hair cat sculpture is another. I think this sassy lady speaks for all of us when she says…

19 GIFs We Should All Retire In 2014

– Ryan

(credit: Huffpost)

Jon Hamm Dominates No-shave November


If I could even grow a beard half-as-magnificent as that I could die happy. I’m also pretty sure that Jon Hamm could shave a stripe right down the middle of his head and still get any girls to swoon all over him. Jon Hamm, teach me your ways.

Every time someone tells me that I can’t grow a beard (because I can’t) this is how I feel.


Who Has a Better Mustache: Ryan the Human or Harold the Noble Walrus

A Most Bushy Soup Strainer



I judge a mustache on three criteria: upkeep, style and the overall charisma the mustache exudes.

I’m willing to admit Harold has me beat in the charisma department. The guy just looks like a star. Plus someone else took his picture while I took a picture of myself in my office cubicle. I’m willing to admit when I’m outmatched, and when it comes to natural charisma, Harold has IT.

Style: we both went with the traditional mustache. I’m not one to brag but the human face is a much better fit for a mustache. The lack of a neck really throws off the dimensions needed for a good stache. I’d have to give the style round to myself.

Upkeep: I’m the clear winner in the upkeep category, but the lack of trimming devices/hands and fingers is a disadvantage for the walrus that can’t be ignored. Those whiskers are mighty long, but it seems as if Harold has no control over how long they grow.

After a lot of soul searching, I’d have to rule this contest a draw. Only fair way to call it. On the bright side, at least Harold doesn’t look like a porn star.

– Ryan

Twitter News Weekly – Bieber, Typhoon, Movember

-The Average Nobodies

So Armpits4August Is A Thing

(Source)  And now, the female answer to Movember: British women are growing out their pit hair to support Armpits4August, a new initiative to raise money and awareness for those suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a condition so little known that spell-checker wants me to fix its name. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of PCOS include weight gain as well as excess hair on the face and body (hence the gesture of growing out one’s body hair to support PCOS sufferers — although a monthlong weight-gain initiative could be interesting too). Armpits4August’s website says that up to 10 percent of women are affected by the disease — which is a lot, considering how little is known about it.

Armpits4August was founded in 2012, so it’s still quite small and still restricted mainly to the U.K. Although its participants only number in the hundreds so far, the Telegraph is already billing it as the ladies’ version of Movember, an initiative in which men grow mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Global awareness of Movember has exploded since its 2003 inception, raising nearly $118 million last year with well over a million mustachioed participants.


There has to be a better way to raise awareness for this disease. HAS TO. I understand one of the symptoms is “excess hair on the face and body”, but is growing out your armpit hair really the look to combat that? That picture of the woman with the hairy pits is haunting. Can’t we just set up a telethon or a website to spread the word. Basically do anything but grow out your armpit hair. And let’s stop with the comparisons to guys with mustaches. Yes they were cool in the 70s but some guys can still pull them off. I can’t think of one woman who I’d want to see with a barrel of hair under her arm.

– Ryan

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