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Insane Person Donald Trump Yelled At A Microphone During Last Night’s Rally In Florida

Donald Trump held a rally last night in Florida, and midway through decided to start yelling at a microphone and the guy who installed it. The only silver lining here is at least he’s not running for the most powerful position in the world. Wait, he is? And people are following him? Excellent. I refuse to get political here or any place else, because it’s like arguing with a brick wall that can talk back, but Donald Trump is insane. Whenever you verbally assault an inanimate object, such as a microphone or a sound system, you know something’s wrong. But people keep showing up to these rally’s, so he must be doing something right. And by doing something right, I mean the majority of human beings are horrible people.


Lauren Podell is Not Happy with Her Microphone

News reporters saying the F word live on air will never get old to me. I could survive on endless YouTube videos of reporters swearing. Lauren Podell, you just made this guys day.

– Ryan

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