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Add RoboCop to the List of People (?) Who Threw Out a Better First Pitch Than 50 Cent

When a futuristic robot/killing machine who has no rang of motion throws out a better first pitch than you, you know you’re in trouble. In 50 Cent’s defense, he looks way better than RoboCop in an extra small muscle shirt.


– Ryan

50 Cent Threw One Hell of A First Pitch at Last Night Met’s Game

Not 50 Cent’s brightest moment. It’s almost as if he momentarily lost control his left arm and it just kind of flailed the ball towards the plate. Need a better effort than that. Just piss poor all around.

– Ryan

P.S. Love the non reaction of the photographer. He was getting that shot whether he took a baseball off the skull or not.

Jerry Seinfeld is Calling a Mets Game, Again

Jerry Seinfeld is back to talk about nothing — and this time it’s his beloved Mets.

With the team more than 20 games out of first place, long-suffering fans who may not have tuned in to Tuesday night’s game against the San Francisco Giants will at least have Seinfeld in the broadcast booth alongside Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, Bobby Ojeda and ringmaster Gary Cohen.

It’s Jerry’s second time since 2010 offering analysis of a Mets game on SNY — and his old friend Hernandez is thrilled.

“We just let him run, because he’s funny,” says Hernandez. “People want to hear what he has to say and his sense of humor comes out, so it’s our job just to step out of the way.”

Hernandez, of course, appeared in two episodes on Seinfeld’s classic sitcom and almost two decades later Jerry has returned the favor.

Jerry, is there anything you can’t do? Comedian, created and stared in a universally loved sitcom, successful voice actor, creator of a smash-hit web series, and Mets color commentator.


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