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Bill Murray Strikes Again. This Time at a Bachelor Party

Why does everyone love bill Murray so much? Oh yeah that’s right, this is why.  Guy is out of his mind and I couldn’t love it more. There is no way Bill Murray needed to take time out of his day to talk with these guys, but guess what? That’s what makes him Bill Fucking Murray. Pretty sound advice as well.





Linda Ducharme Married a Ferris Wheel. Guess What State She’s From?

Honestly Florida, I give up. You win the make believe award for craziest state. It’s not odd enough that Linda Ducharme is marrying a ferris wheel. Nope. She’s actually been in a relationship with Bruce for 30 years. Oh did I forget to mention the ferris wheel has a name? It’s Bruce, which would be hysterical if this story wasn’t so weird. I do have to give the priest credit for his professionalism in this video. He’s a bigger man than I for not completely falling apart laughing during the ceremony. And Linda, although you’re clearly insane…

– Ryan

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