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The Talented Guys at “Bad Lip Reading” Are At It Again! (NFL)

These videos get me every time! Bad Lip Reading knows exactly how to tickle my funny bone!


Can Someone Explain To Me Why David Ortiz Isn’t the Sportsman of the Year?


Really SI? I wasn’t aware that the possibility of breaking the quarterback touchdown record was more impressive than putting a city in despair on your back, winning the AL East, winning the world series and becoming world series MVP. Peyton began his year by losing in the playoffs. Yes he’s having an unreal year, but he also has 3 of the top 15 receivers in the league. At this point, the broncos might not even win their division! And if you think they’re going to represent the AFC in the super bowl then you’re high. Sports Illustrated just lost my respect. Quite possibly the biggest oversight in fake awards history. Big Papi is upset, and rightfully so.

(GIF via @theScore)

– Ryan

And I’ve Found My New Favorite Picture

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I don’t know why this is hilarious, but it just is. Peyton Manning is the king of unintentional comedy.

Matt’s Prediction of the Week – Peyton Manning Murders the TD Record

Peyton puts up AT LEAST 55 touchdowns this year. You heard it here first. Right now it is hard to see any team stopping him from putting up at least 4 a game (probably more). The guy is a well-oiled machine with weapons all around him. 55 TDs, take it to the bank.

pts paloza -MattyV

Matt’s Follow Friday – Fantasy Football Edition

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