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Granny Has Some Serious Rage Issues

Right off that bat I would like to say how underutilized “Wanker” is as an insult. So degrading, especially with an accent. Secondly, how crazy is this old broad? Certifiably crazy, and I like every second of it. All you need is a little GTA V to unleash all that anger you had bottled up for 96 years.


Jon Hamm’s Beard Is Magical

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Someone who looks as handsome as Jon Hamm does clean shaven shouldn’t be allowed to grow a mean beard like this. I was¬†always under the impression it was one or the other. If you looked good clean shaven then your beard would come in all patchy, and if you could grow a serious beard then maybe you had some type of facial deformity. Not Jon Hamm. He’s a mythical creature who’s handsomeness knows no limits. I don’t want to grow a beard now. I have to.

– Ryan

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