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115 Ryan Returns

With the return of Ryan comes the return of scored Celebrity Birthdays. Adam finished LOST. Matt knows who Q is.

111 Bless the Podcast Down in Pawtucket

Matt regrets his movie decision. Adam knows twins. Ryan tells a joke.

110 Return of the Chuckleheads in IMAX

Ryan leaves Britney alone. Adam is done with Bones. Matt needs to go back!

109 Introducing the Lost Power Rakings

Matt sings about frog legs. Ryan thinks Jared Leto is a weird guy. Adam hates John Locke. Mitch scores a celebrity birthday question.

108 Aliens are Here and They’re Spectacular

Ryan hates Bobby’s Big Bifocals. Adam is Unhinged. Matt is now a Satanist.

102 – No Roads?

Adam ponders life’s many mysteries one dirt path at a time – Ryan is a celebrity age wizard – Matt finds Flubber a bit troublesome.

1 in 10 Americans Think Aliens Are Behind the Disapperance of Malaysian Flight 370

UFO – “One in ten Americans think ‘space aliens’ were involved in the disappearance if the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, it was revealed today.

A survey found that nine per cent of the people believe ‘space aliens or beings from another dimension were involved’.

Investigators are still continuing their search for the missing plane and the 239 people on board, which vanished from radars on March 8.”


Well this is a good look for Americans: crazy alien conspiracy theorists. Although I gotta say, if there’s one case on the entire planet that could fit the alien theory, its Malaysian flight 370. With all the technology that exists in this world, how does a giant airplane just go missing for six weeks without any way to trace it? You’re telling me we have the technology that allows cats to talk to spiders but we can’t find a goddamn airplane that steered off course? When “aliens were invovled” is the scenario that makes the most sense, you know you fucked up. I’m not saying I believe aliens did it, but I’m also NOT saying that. Unless we find this plane, the alien theory is going to stand strong.

– Ryan