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Blue Jays Fan Casually Letting Us Know Where Her Priorities Lie


blue jay

You can call the Blue Jays fans whatever you want, but you can’t knock their passion. Just letting it all hang out there on the license plate for the world to see. Are adults in Canada this sheltered from the world? I don’t care how big of a Blue Jays fan you are, the letters BJ will always mean blow job. ALWAYS. There are two dynamite facts of life: Bill Paxton discovered the Titanic and the letters BJ stand for blow job. Putting the word mom after BJ is really just some delicious icing on the cake. The next time little Johnny gets dropped off at school by BJ MOM he should have himself one hell of a terrible day.

– Ryan

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Of Course Georgia’s New License Plate Has a Confederate Flag On It



Why wouldn’t it? Why would it have a peach or a picture of Ty Cobb or something we could all agree on? Where’s the fun in that? This proves that there are just people in this world who never want racism to go away. I’ve lived in Rhode Island my whole life, so I can’t say with any accuracy what life is like in the South, but I guarantee whoever decided this was a good idea wanted to ruffle some feathers. Stir up a good old fashioned racism debate. Mission accomplished.

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– Ryan

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