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Jean-Claude Van Damme Busted Out His ‘Kickboxer’ Dance Moves On Conan

If you’ve never seen ‘Kickboxer’, it’s one of those glorious 80s action movies that get better with age. The basic plot is that Jean-Claude Van Damme’s brother get’s paralyzed by a Thailand kickboxing champion and the Muscles from Brussels must AVENGE HIM. It’s awesome, and Van Damme is a machine in this movie. There’s also a weird dancing scene in the bar that makes no sense but at the same time makes all the sense in the world. Van Damme dances with a couple ladies and does a split, which enrages a bar patron and forces him to make the greatest mistake of his life. Van Damme beats up the guy while still doing a split and my eyes explode with joy. Van Damme was recently on Conan, and the Muscles from Boston got Jean-Claude to recreate that famous dance scene, including the part where he beats up the bar patrons. He doesn’t recreate the split, but it’s still wonderful. I also think I subconsciously stole my dance moves from this scene, because while he was dancing I thought to myself “this looks AWFULLY familiar”.

– Ryan


Champion kickboxer, meet U.S. Marine, The toughest S.O.B’s on the planet. Maybe a little less cartwheel action and a little more punching action. Can’t knock the showmanship, though. Guy knows how to put on a show.


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