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Nike’s Tribute Video to Derek Jeter is Perfect

Jeter and Nomar debuted in the major leagues around the same time. As a Red Sox fan, the excitement for Nomar was only comparable to the Yankees excitement for Jeter. They were both great players in their prime, and Nomar will be a hometown favorite for the rest of his life, but he never became anything close to Jeter. Jeter  was everything you ever wanted in a franchise baseball player: a winner, a pro, a great defender and even better hitter who played one of the hardest positions in the game. This tip of the cap video is well done and more importantly, well deserved. Farwell to The Captain.

– Ryan

Happy Birthday Derek Jeter!

Not Funny

Just kidding. Prepare to be heckled like no other athlete has ever been heckled before on Saturday night.

– Ryan

Derek Jeter is Calling it A Career


After this season, and after playing a spectacular 20 season career with the Yankees, Derek Jeter is ready to move on to life after baseball.

First Mo, now Jeets? I can’t imagine the emotions flowing through New Yorkers right now, but I imagine it looks something like this.




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