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Florida News Anchor John Brown Is Fed Up With The Kardashians

I don’t know if this is the sign of the apocalypse or not, but a resident of Florida actually had a realistic reaction to a real life situation. John Brown isn’t the anchor we deserve, but he is the anchor we need. If more news anchors around the country would just walk out every time a Kardashian was featured on a news story, we’d have a much better society. If you want to play an ad for their TV show talk about Kim and Kanye’s baby that’s one thing, but is Kylie Jenner naming her pet rabbit ‘Bruce’ really a news story? The answer is no, it is not. I can’t imagine there are more than three people interested in that story. But here’s a TV show giving it it’s own segment, because one of the people involved just so happen to have the last name Kardashian or Jenner. Insanity.


So Bruce Jenner is Actually Turning Into a Woman

Surgery: A source claimed to The National Enquirer at the time that the 64-year-old former Olympian had undergone surgery to reduce the appearance of his Adam's Apple

A picture is worth a thousand words. And apparently Kris Jenner is so awful to be with that she makes you want to be a woman. An elegant, jump suit wearing woman.

– Ryan

Bruce Jenner’s Transformation Into a Woman is Almost Complete

Source – Bruce Jenner is allegedly planning on flattening his Adam’s Apple.

The 64-year-old reportedly met with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon on Thursday for a consultation regarding the procedure, known as chondrolaryngoplasty (or tracheal shave), reports TMZ.

The operation reduces the size of the cartilage in the neck, and is typically performed on patients in the initial stages of gender reassignment surgery.

6th Annual George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic

Bruce Jenner is either drawing out his sex change operation or he wants his body to be 100% plastic. Normally you can pin point exactly what a person is trying to do, but not with Bruce. He is a true wildcard. The worst thing is we have no blueprint for a person like Bruce. I can’t remember anyone in the history of the world who started his life as a male Olympic athlete and slowly turned into a lesbian. I wasn’t even aware that was possible. Somehow he’s pulling it off. On a side note, getting your Adam’s apple trimmed down sounds like the most painful thing in the world. Just tell the world your plans, Bruce. And stop wearing visors if you don’t want to be called a lesbian.

– Ryan

Bruce Jenner’s Face Is What I Imagine The Devil To Look Like


Bruce Jenner’s face is what nightmares are made of. Legitimately haunting. How do you go from being named the “World’s Best Athlete” and a Wheaties cover boy who had females swooning across the globe to “Fire Marshall Bill”, an F list celebrity and the husband of Kris Kardashian?

Fire Marshall Bill. Or Bruce Jenner. You be the judge.

Talk about a rise and fall. I’ve heard of collapses before, but this one takes the cake. Even if he screwed around with his face to the point of being almost unrecognizable, Bruce could at least pull the Olympic card and get a halfway decent girl. Instead he completes the greatest demise in the history of America by marrying pond scum in human form:

They’re like the couple from hell, if hell consisted of people who fuck with their face until they turn into plastic toys. I may be an out of shape 25 year old with a moderate to severe drinking problem, but I thank my lucky stars everyday that I’m not Bruce Jenner.

– Ryan

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