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Dude Beats Unfathomably Hard Level of Super Mario Maker and Cries Tears of Joy

I have been spending a lot of time, probably to much time, watching YouTubers play custom made Mario levels on Super Mario Maker and this has got to be the most insane level I have seen yet. If I was playing this level i’m cooked in the first 5 seconds. I would not even know where to begin. Some people are destined to play super hard mario levels and some people are destined to watch them. I’m ok with that.


I Dare You To Root Against Finn Balor After Watching WWE’s Three Part Story On His Life & Career

These aren’t the full videos, but if you have the WWE Network, go back and watch the last three NXT’s and find these videos. Finn Balor, formerly Fergal/Prince Devitt, is the future of the WWE, but everyone has a back story. Balor started wrestling in front of only a few people on the independents, opened a wrestling school giving other Irish kids a chance to be wrestlers (including NXT’s Becky Lynch), became a cult hero in NJPW and eventually ended up in NXT. Everyone who has spent any time with him seems to genuinely like him, and his in ring work and character development speak for themselves. Beyond basic wrestling jargon of Balor being the good guy and Owens being the bad guy, I really hope Balor wins the title in Japan. It’d be a special moment for he and the fans, and the NXT title would be in great hands going forward.

– Ryan

Don’t 3D Print a Gun. That’s a Bad Idea

In May, a 28-year-old Japanese man, Yoshitomo Imura, was arrested for 3D printing two guns and publishing videos of the process online.  The verdict on Imura has now been decided by the Yokohama District Court, with presiding judge Koji Inaba sentencing Imura to two years in jail.  This is not only the first such punishment in Japan, a country with strict gun control laws, but the first in the world.

3D printers can be great, but they can also be terrible at the same time. Lets hope that the 3D printer craze does’t turn into “Gun Fiesta 2015”. I would really like to own a 3D printer one day and all these people are ruining it! How else am I suppose to 3D print medieval armor for halloween?!




These Guys Changed the Rube Goldberg Game Forever

Wow. I really wish I had the time and talent to do something like this. Pretty freakin sweet!


The World According To Yoko Ono


Its Friday. Lets get yoked

“@yokoono: Have you seen the horizon lately?”

– As a matter of fact I have. It looks glorious. You know you’re insane when this is considered a normal tweet. I applaud Yoko’s consistent obsession with the sky. Horizons, stars, clouds. Can’t get enough.

“@yokoono: Climb up a ladder to reach the sky. Try ladders of different heights. See if the sky looks any closer from a higher ladder.”

– This seems a bit dangerous. I’m not sure Yoko understands how high the sky is from the ground. While I’ve never been to Japan, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that they don’t have ladder’s that can reach the sky. I hate to sound like a pessimist but this just seems flat out impossible.

“@yokoono: Imagine a dolphin dancing in the sky. Let it dance with joy. Think of yourself at the bottom of the ocean watching.”

– Yoko is all over the place with this one. Wouldn’t it make sense to picture ourselves dancing in the sky while dolphins watch us under water? I don’t think Yoko has a solid grasp on the human respiratory system. The dolphin would undoubtedly not be able to breathe in the sky, and we would drown at the bottom of the ocean. Was this Yoko’s plan all along? Is she some type of evil genius? I need a drink. Have a great weekend.

– Ryan

P.S. Yoko Ono has 4.3 million followers. Mind bottling.

No I Don’t Have the Urge to Drink Out of a Toilet, Thanks.

Newest candy in from Japan, sipping out of a toilet? Puke.

HuffPo- Got the urge to drink out of the toilet? Thank goodness for Moko Moko Mokoletto, a bizarre Japanese candy creation. Watch as weird confectionary aficionado RRcherrypie demonstrates how to assemble the mini commode, sprinkle in the mystery powder, add water to the back of the tiny tank and see foam rise in the bowl like fast-action toilet cleaner. Mmm, looks delicious. Now slurp it up with the straw making serious toilet noises, because that’s not at all strange. Talk about having a potty mouth.

This is the worst idea since a Stan Lee Fragrance, it bette rnot make it to the states.

-Sean Lite-

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